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Vinyl / Media cutting for Aid in Platemaking

Notes on using an electronic cutting machine in printmaking - from an SGCI conference demonstration.

Creating Etching decals for Ceramics (using Akua water-based etching Transparent Base)

A technique for printing decals on ceramics, inspired by the Chinese.

Update: Improvement on Xerox or Laser Transfer – water dissolving paper!

Every so often an improvement to a technique comes along thanks to one of my students. In this case, artist Bob Cook was in my mixed media class and we were learning the traditional xerox transfer method. We were gluing…

The Yupo Matrix

Yupo and Watercolor Monotype Materials: Yupo white 74lb smooth finish Gum Arabic Watercolors [Most Daniel Smith work very well, run a test with the colors before painting a masterpiece. No test needed for Lyra and Caran D’ache WC crayons, Pacific…

Xerox, Laser Transfer, and Inkjet Digital Transfer On and Off the Press

So you want to transfer an image from one surface to another? Here are some techniques I have used/developed and tried with my students over the past 12 years. Xerox/Laser Transfer I did not invent this, folks have been doing…

Glue Prints, Tar Gel, Pressless Etching

This is a simple process to print an etching or collagraph without a press. Since the Tar Gel flows into every groove, the impression is actually better then a “pressed” print.