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The Great Trash Reef

These synthetic lifeforms represent life as it adapts to how we as humans disturb the environment.

Great Pacific Trash Vortex

Nurdles 8
Nurdles are microplastic particles in the environment broken down by mechanical forces like sunlight or waves. Here they emerge as new life forms.

Malleable Objects

Malleable Objects are creatures lifted from the sea to fall flat from lack of watery support, other worldly landscapes created for things that might exist.

Flats & Floaters

Details and installation shots from my show at Gray Duck gallery in Austin, TX. Representations of the organic floating aliens also appear in the prints on the wall.


Installation at San Antonio Luminaria 2011. Small life forms bud off from an alien infestation in an abandoned stairwell.


A view of works from a solo show in 2009 where translucent organic images float on watery surfaces casting shadows as part of their imagery. Exotic blobs grow out of everyday objects.

Bone Cells

Translucent hands manipulate magnified substances to create a different environment. Blown up microscopic environments are shown dwelling on the fabric of the printed page.


Microscopic invaders take over the Sala Diaz gallery space, burrowing through walls and infecting common objects.

Boil & Bubble

Image Gallery


Image Gallery

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