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Luminaria 2016 – Carver Community Cultural Center

Margaret Craig’s Great Trash Reef installation evolved into a performance piece entitled The Albatross at Luminaria 2016 at San Antonio’s Carver Center.

Luminaria 2016 – Hays Street Bridge

Margaret Craig exhibits The Albatross at Luminaria 2016 at San Antonio's Hays Street Bridge, a performance of her Great Trash Reef installation series.

Trash Reef Incarnation

The expanding trash reef and details - a bleached translucent section, marbled features, an anemone formed from a discarded yogurt bottle.

Plasticene Creatures & Outgrowth Boxes

These creatures represent the Plasticene Epoch, a period of time currently unfolding as plastic refuse evolves into new life forms in inundated oceans.

Projected Evolutions (Duende Art Project, Houston, TX)

Nature uses the plastic so prevalent in the environment to evolve new life forms. This installation displays a variety of bio-flora emerging from the walls and lights of The Duende Art Project in Houston, TX.

Great Trash Reef (Blue Star)

The Great Trash Reef synthesizes waste materials and salvage into alternative life forms. Gyre currents in the world’s oceans accumulate trash into islands. Their predominant component is plastic, which breaks down into smaller neurostatic bits, or nurdles. Tragically, small animals…

Burning Bones

These pieces were completed at a residency at Burning Bones press in Houston, Texas. They are a continuation on my meditation of the destruction and pollution of our oceans and the sea life evolving from the problem. Look for oil…

Berlin Plastic Art

An extension of my Berlin residency - alternative life forms evolved from plastic and recyclables.

The Great Trash Reef

These synthetic lifeforms represent life as it adapts to how we as humans disturb the environment.

Great Pacific Trash Vortex

Nurdles 8
Nurdles are microplastic particles in the environment broken down by mechanical forces like sunlight or waves. Here they emerge as new life forms.

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