Update: Improvement on Xerox or Laser Transfer – water dissolving paper!

Every so often an improvement to a technique comes along thanks to one of my students. In this case, artist Bob Cook was in my mixed media class and we were learning the traditional xerox transfer method. We were gluing the xerox image face down to a support and then painfully dissolving off the backing paper. He said what we need is a water dissolving paper, and Internet to the rescue, Bob found the answer on the Science Bob web site (No relation. Great coincidence.)!

The Science Bob site specializes in science toys for kids, but also sells a water dissolving paper suitable for Xerox machines and laser printers. The paper on the back of the glued, dried, xerox or laser toner easily comes off with just a small amount of wetting and rubbing! The paper is a glue when dried, so make sure to wet the print again and wipe it clean. This is a vast improvement on typical copy paper and at relatively little cost!

Water dissolving paper at Science Bob’s

Original Tutorial: Xerox, Laser Transfer, and Inkjet Digital Transfer On and Off the Press


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